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How to Get Top Discounts at The Amazon App Store

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How to Get Top Discounts at The Amazon App Store

The Minimalist Guide to Getting Top Discounts at The Amazon App Store

Everyone loves discounts! That is unless you are a millionaire that doesn't care how you spend your money. In case you don't have a bank account with millions of dollars here is how to save big every time you go shopping.

Google play store may be the base, but the Amazon app store is considered to be popular for Android apps. Its beautiful layout and a great selection of apps are attracting millions of people every day.

The step by step guide will walk you through the process and make sure that before every checkout a discount is granted to your purchase.

Where to find amazon app store coupons?

No scissors are needed to get coupons and discount on the Amazon app store. Instead, all it takes is any web browser and a few moments to spare. Amazon coupons can be found anywhere, but here we have some great deals for you.

How to get coupons from Amazon?

Assuming that you already have an Amazon account and you know your way around, the first thing to do is go to their deal's page. There you will be able to find a listing of all the current deals and promotions.

Once you are there you are given several options to choose from:

  • Lightning Deals
  • Deal of the Day
  • Prime Early Access Deals
  • Coupons
  • Savings & Sales

Deal of the day and lightning deals are two of the most popular section where you can find out great deals that usually last from 1 to 24 hours before they end. The fact they give such great discounts is the only reason why they are so popular and the first thing that an experienced shopper visits first. It's like you are in a huge super mall and they have an entire floor where a bunch of great stuff is on sale.

The prime access deal page is also an excellent pathway to some incredible deals. However, it is limited to prime members only.

Saving and Deals display apps that are currently on sale. This is open to all Amazon members, not just those with prime membership.

The coupons section is exactly what it suggests. All the coupons in one place. If you like something and decide to buy, there is no need to type the promotional code to get the discount. The discount will be automatically added.

Email newsletter

If you are not the type of person that loves to browse their website in search of great deals, then you might opt out for their newsletter. You'll get all the deals, coupons, discounts, promotions, every morning in your inbox so that you won't miss anything.

The only downside to this is that specific flash deals come and go literary in a matter of hours. By the time you open your email, there is a good chance they are gone.

On the other note, their email newsletter can be customized as to your preferences. That way you will get promotions and discounts only for apps that might interest you.

Other places to find coupons for Amazon's app store

As already mentioned before certain specialized websites offer Amazon's coupons. Websites such as savings.com, techbargains.com, deal coupons, current codes, and other.

Most coupons sites are easy to navigate, and there is no need for complex searches or anything like that. Once you find a coupon, they will direct you to Amazon where you can redeem the coupon. It's all pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

They provide you with the coupon to get a discount while earning a small commission from Amazon; you get your full discount, Amazon gets a paying customer, it's a win-win for everyone.


Coupons are perfect for purchasing your favorite apps without paying their full price. They are there for the taking and why not use them every time you purchase an app. Here are the top reasons why one should use coupons:

  • Easy To use (all is done with one or two clicks)
  • No effort needed to obtain them (easy to find)
  • Great Saving (Correction: Awesome Savings)
  • No need to talk to a salesperson and ask for a discount
  • No scissors needed for this coupon. (remember the clipping days).
  • No time wasting. (Few clicks to get a coupon will take just a moment of your time)

There are probably more reasons why coupons are so convenient and popular. But the ones above make a pretty good summary as well as arguments about coupons. How and when you will take advantage of that is entirely up to you.

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